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ITS offers assistance and guidance to purchase a wide range of devices, including desktops and laptops, smart devices, printers, and other equipment. By purchasing through our approved vendors, you can take advantage of more competitive pricing, and ensure that your purchase is compatible with our IT standards.

You can view our standard devices to determine which ones meet your needs. We periodically update this list when new technology is introduced.

How to Order

Ordering methods vary depending on the device you would like to purchase. To place orders for equipment, you’ll need purchasing access within Weill Business Gateway. Don't have access? You can work with an administrator in your department to place your order.

Computers, Monitors & Tablets

Computers, monitors, and some tablets can be ordered through our SciQuest purchasing module in the Weill Business Gateway. Approved purchasers can select the Dell, Apple, or CDWG Punch-Out sites to peruse our catalog.

No quote from ITS is required to purchase anything listed in SciQuest. Simply reach out to the Department Administrator who can inform who is designated to make purchases for the department.


All mobile requests, including setting up a Verizon or AT&T account, upgrading to a new phone, and accessing a bill, can be done via our guide in myHelpdesk. ITS highly recommends requesting mobile insurance with your order to protect your purchase.

Printers & Accessories

Printers and accessories, like scanners and cameras, can be purchased by selecting a model from our standard devices and going directly to Weill Business Gateway to purchase. All of our standard printers are Epic-compliant. If there is a device you need that is not available in WBG through our preferred vendors, submit a Hardware Quote Request.

Custom & Non-Standard Devices

Any items that you would like customized beyond what is available in SciQuest, or devices that are not included in our standard devices, can be ordered by first submitting Hardware Quote Request.

ITS recognizes that some users require non-standard devices to meet their research/business needs or to fit their budget, however we highly recommend users purchase a Standard device or an Evergreen device because of their security and proven compatibility with our services. Non-standard devices may not be imaged by ITS, tagging fees are higher, and support is limited.

What's Included

Purchasing through ITS includes:

  • Competitive pricing from our preferred vendors
  • Quicker turnaround times to receive your order
  • Ability to select and even customize certain computer models in the Dell Smart Select or Apple links in SciQuest
  • A wide range of mobile devices, printers, and other hardware to meet your office needs
  • Assistance from our Computer Sales Group should you require quotes or general guidance
  • Guidance regarding Epic-approved hardware, such a prescription printers

Please note that devices requiring access to our network must be tagged by ITS. Tagging a device includes the following services:

  • Connectivity to WCMC network
  • Encryption
  • Technical support from ITS

Contact the Service Desk or visit the SMARTDesk for questions about tagging a device.

Cost and Fees

Prices vary depending on the model(s) selected. Additionally, connecting to our network requires ITS to tag your device, which incurs a yearly fee. Visit our Rates page to view our current tagging prices under "Standard Devices."

Service Requirements

SciQuest access is required for purchasing.



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