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  • Device as a Service

Evergreen is a service designed to streamline the procurement, deployment, and maintenance processes for computers used by Weill Cornell Medicine faculty and staff. Laptops are provisioned and deployed within days, rather than depending on purchasing lead times which can run into weeks. When the laptop needs warranty repairs, ITS will swap the device quickly—our priority is to get staff working again as soon as possible. Similarly, when Evergreen laptops reach the end of their useful life, typically through four years, ITS will proactively replace the devices, ensuring continuous productivity. 

The Evergreen service helps departments avoid significant upfront costs for laptops via a monthly subscription fee. Each monthly subscription’s fee includes the cost for the device as well as ITS support. A machine can be disenrolled in the Evergreen program at any time, so you only pay for the devices you need. 

What's Included

  • Fast deployment (based on user’s requested-on date)
  • Quick and easy laptop replacements should a device malfunction
  • Automatic replacement at the end of useful life of the device
  • Month-to-month device billing

Currently available devices through the Evergreen service:

  • Windows Laptop: Dell Latitude 7430 series, 14" display, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage
  • Windows Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad Gen 10, 14" display, 32 GB RAM, 512 SSD
  • Apple Laptop: MacBook Air 13" display, M2 chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD 
  • Apple Laptop: MacBook Pro 14" display, M1 Pro chip, 32GB RAM, 1TB SIL 

Cost and Fees

Evergreen device fees are charged independently from support "tag" fees and vary depending on the device selected. For example, on your ITS billing report, you will see one cost for the device, and a separate cost for ITS support (or “tag” fee). There are no connection fees for Evergreen laptops. 

*A user on a locked PC laptop will not have administrative rights to their machine whereas a user on an open laptop will have administrative rights.

*Note that Mac laptops can only be requested as open. 

A full list of current Evergreen device fees is also available on our Rates page.

If the above laptop specifications do not fit the work productivity requirements of a user, ITS recommends procuring a non-Evergreen standard device, please see our Standard Devices page for more information.

Windows Laptops (Dell, Lenovo)

Monthly rates for Evergreen Windows Laptops (Dell, Lenovo)
Make/ModelMonthly Device FeeMonthly Support Fee LockedMonthly Support Fee OpenMonthly Support Fee ResearchTotal Monthly Device and Support Fees
Dell Latitude 7400 Series$25  $35  $42.92 $29.17$60 Locked
$67.92 Open
$54.17 Research
Dell Latitude 7430 Series$30$35 $42.92$29.17$65 Locked
$72.92 Open
$59.17 Research
Lenovo ThinkPad Gen 10$42$35 $42.92$29.17$77 Locked
$84.92 Open
$71.17 Research

Apple Laptops

Monthly rates for Evergreen Apple laptops
Make/ModelMonthly Device FeeMonthly Support Fee OpenMonthly Support Fee ResearchTotal Monthly Device and Support Fees
MacBook Air 13" M1$32  $42.92 $29.17$74.92 Open
$61.17 Research
MacBook Air 13" M2$40  $42.92 $29.17$82.92 Open
$69.17 Research
MacBook Pro 14" M1$57  $42.92 $29.17$99.92 Open
$86.17 Research
MacBook Pro 14" M2$60$42.92$29.17$102.92 Open
$89.17 Research

Service Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an Evergreen laptop?

Anyone with access to a fund number in ServiceNow can request a laptop for themselves or another user in their department by submitting the Evergreen Request Form.

Who is the owner of an Evergreen laptop?

In the Evergreen program, ITS owns the laptop, warranty, and the relationship with our vendors. Thus, when a user no longer needs their laptop it must be returned to ITS.

Should I contact ITS, Dell, Lenovo, or Apple if my device requires service?

Users should always contact ITS first since ITS owns the device and the warranty. If ITS cannot resolve the laptop’s problem we will ship it back to the vendor and you will receive a replacement Evergreen device. Your laptop will need to be returned to the SMARTDesk at 1300 York Ave. or, if you are remote, ITS will ship you a new device, and instructions for sending back the faulty device. 



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