Box Cloud Storage

Please note that, while no timeline has been set, ITS plans to transition to Microsoft OneDrive as our official cloud storage solution and will retire Box. We recommend using OneDrive for your storage needs, particularly if you intend to store data which contains PHI/PII. 

Box is WCM’s cloud storage and collaboration solution that allows you to access your content anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can create and manage your files from an easily accessible online portal, and collaborate with your colleagues on documents created in Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel).


What's Included

With Box, you can:

  • Use unlimited storage
  • Store and manage your documents from multiple devices
  • Manage who can view and edit your documents, and check version history
  • Use real-time editing and collaboration tools to update documents in one convenient space
  • Create and share unique links to any file or folder
    • Links can be shared with WCM staff that have Box accounts, and anyone external to WCM as long as an email address is used.
  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to bring your files into your account

Please note: For security purposes, Box should not be used to store any high-risk data, including HIPAA or PHI-related content. For more information, please view our security policy.

Supplemental Box Features

Box Sync

Box Sync allows you to mirror data stored on Box to your desktop. You can then navigate and modify content stored on the Box website through your computer's native file browsing interface, without using a web browser. Content that syncs down to your computer is available for offline access. Box Sync can be installed on tagged devices through the WCM App Store.

Box Notes

Box Notes is a note-taking desktop app you can use to take down important meeting notes, add photos, and create task lists and tables. Every note is secured and shared only with the people you select. You can even co-collaborate on a Box Note with your colleagues in real time. The desktop app allows you to keep all of your Box Notes in one place, and anything you create in the app will sync to your online Box account. To download Box Notes, just visits and download the application at no cost to your Windows or Mac device.

Cost and Fees

Box is available at no additional cost. For information on current pricing for all of our storage options, visit our Rates page under the “Data Storage” category.

Service Requirements

The following users have access to Box through birthright provisioning:

  • Exempt and non-exempt employees at WCM
  • Full-time, employed faculty at WCM
  • Postdoctoral associates (excludes postdoctoral fellows)
  • Students, including certificate, masters, MD, and PhD programs

All others must ask their CAO to submit a General IT Request through myHelpdesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Box?

Go to, or, and input your CWID and password.

What is the file size limit when uploading to Box?

There is a 15GB file size limit.

Can I use Box to store sensitive data that is covered by laws such as HIPAA and ePHI?

Box should NOT be used to collect, process, store or share ePHI, FERPA, PII or sensitive restricted data until further notice. This service should never be used to store high-risk data, as outlined in our Data Classification policy:

data classification chart



Use this service

Go to and sign in with your CWID and password.

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