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The Web Directory allows for searching of contact information within the Weill Cornell community.

When searching for someone at WCM, more comprehensive data is available, such as a user's work location and phone number, in addition to name, department, and email. Users can also edit some information and make certain fields invisible. 

The new online directory also includes more advanced search options for finding someone at the college, allowing users to search by CWID, name, contact information, department, location, and other fields. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for NYP contacts in Outlook/Webmail?

NYP did not migrate to Office 365 for its email system, so it is no longer possible to search for NYP contacts using the Global Address Book in Outlook or Webmail.

If you are a WCMC employee and you need to search for an NYP contact, you have two options:

  1. Search for the NYP contact with the WCMC Directory.
  2. Connect to the LDAP Directory. LDAP is an additional directory that will allow your mail client (Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail) to search for NYP contacts. View the "Guide" section of the O365 Email & Calendar page for more information on how to connect to LDAP.

Who is listed in the WCMC Directory?

The directory contains information about the following types of active people:

  • employees at WCMC and WCMC-Qatar
  • faculty and non-faculty academics at WCMC and the WCMC Graduate School
  • students (although published information may be limited due to FERPA)
  • affiliates, such as NYP, HSS, or volunteers

Can I remove my contact information from the WCMC Directory?

In accordance with our Directory Policy, all WCMC employees must publish current contact information in the directory. This includes:

Phone numbers
All WCMC employees must have one phone number listed published to WCMC/NYP (preferably the employee’s direct number, otherwise a department number). All exempt employees and faculty must have one phone number published publicly, meaning it is searchable on the Internet (preferably the employee’s direct number, other a department number). This number need not be published publicly for non-FLSA exempt employees.

Email addresses
All WCMC employees must have an email address published publicly. Only email addresses at the following domains are permitted to be published publicly or to the institution:

  • @med.cornell.edu
  • @cornell.edu
  • @nyp.org
  • @mskcc.org
  • @rockefeller.edu
  • @hss.edu

Personal email addresses or other professional email addresses not ending in one of the above domains can be set to "Emergency" in order to receive important alerts from the college.

All WCMC employees must have a location published publicly. Valid locations are available from the directory drop-down menu.



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