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New i2b2 "E 149th St" release now available

Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) allows faculty, staff, and students to determine how many patients meet a given set of [...cont'd]

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NOTICE: myProfile is being retired

What is myProfile?

myProfile is a legacy ITS application that was used for managing various information - such as directory [...cont'd]

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Lasergene workshop on April 12

The Library Bioinformatics Service presents:

A DNASTAR Lasergene Workshop

Presented by: Carl-Erik [...cont'd]

SUPER REDCap on FHIR now available in Epic

Blaze through research data collection using SUPER REDCap on FHIR.  Using the Fast Health Interoperability Resource (FHIR, pronounced “fire [...cont'd]

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April Tech Tuesday Schedule

Join us for a great new schedule of demonstrations for faculty, staff, and students. Each week, our experts will showcase various software and [...cont'd]

Visit the Library during WCM’s Annual Unpower Hour

The Weill Cornell Medicine Unpower Hour is the official kick-off of our year-long energy savings plan. During Unpower Hour, WCM faculty, staff, [...cont'd]

March Closing and April Payroll Due Dates

FI Month End Closing Schedule March 2019 

All Grant JV's requiring upload or release by Accounting must be received by/ [...cont'd]

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Adobe Creative Cloud annual renewal due by 4/6

In order to continue accessing Adobe Creative Cloud, we are requiring an annual renewal form to be filled out for current faculty and staff that [...cont'd]

Coming March 25: New modules in the Weill Research Gateway

3/25/19 Update: The Clinical Trials module (WRG-CT) and the Enhanced Research Data Safety module (WRG-RS) are now live.  [...cont'd]

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